We are good at creating designs quickly and inexpensively as long as you give us full artistic licence and trust that we will deliver great work.

Here you’ll find the most frequent requests about branding, websites and 3D. Choose the option you need, fill in a brief form and apply. We will send the finished design to your email within a week.

For Store orders, we don’t take shortcuts nor use ready-made templates. We will take your project as seriously as all the others and deliver it in a timely and cost-efficient manner. This format is ideal for individuals and companies seeking fast solutions.


$1 299 5-day delivery
A logo and a social-media-friendly visual identity are essential must-haves for every new company or project.

In five days you will get: a logo in .ai format; a set of social media design concepts (profile picture, post and Instagram stories template) in .ai format, and a presentation on how you can use the visual identity on other mockups (of our choice) in .pdf format.


$599 5-day delivery
This is an interactive AR filter designed to overlay onto someone's face, an animated 3D object or a face-controlled mini-game. It can be either a promotional or a full-format project. These AR filters are optimized for Instagram and Facebook.

We will provide a set of filters that are ready to be uploaded to Spar AR Hub. This set includes a file with AR-scenery, a demo reel and an icon for the effect.

3D illustrations

$649 5-day delivery
Clear and bright 3D illustrations for social media, advertising and printing.

We’ll deliver two illustrations in .png on an alpha channel and one animated picture as a .png sequence.

Promo website

$1 299 5-day delivery
In just five days, we will deliver a single-page, mobile-friendly webpage with admin tools. Promo pages don’t have complex functionalities like an online store but you can count on us to deliver a sleek, original design for your project. We can directly deploy the website to your hosting provider or simply send you the webpage file for you to add manually.

3D Character

$399 3-day delivery
We develop 3D characters.These can be real or abstract, funny or serious, the choice is yours.

For 399$ you will receive a static character in .png format (.png on an alpha channel) and one short .png animation within 3 days.